Everyone at BAA Training is there to help you during your training period. Your personal manager will assist you in going through the assessment process and choosing the training course according to your needs and the gained results. Ground Instructors will share their theoretical knowledge and real life experience during theory classes. Training managers will help to manage schedules and exams, and deal with all the required documents. Flight instructors will teach you how to skillfully control aircraft. Always remember: everyone here is there for you!

Ground Instructors
8 years
The average of Ground Instructor’s work experience

Flight Instructors

Currently, 26 Flight Instructors are here to help you sharpen your single-engine and multi-engine flying skills. Extensive experience and strong background in aviation and training held by the instructors ensure you get the best training quality. Most of them hold Master of Science or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Economics or Mathematics. Moreover, you will find the former military pilots as well as glider pilots and sky divers. BAA Training has a team of flight instructors from Egypt, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

We are always happy to extend our Ab Initio team with people who feel passionate about teaching others.

Flight Instructors
11 years
The average of Flight Instructor’s work experience
Flight Hours