25 May

Ukrainians becoming pilots in Lithuania

Since the establishment of BAA Training’s Ab Initio School in 2011, the company has welcomed twelve students from Ukraine for various airplane and helicopter pilot license training courses in Lithuania. Over the years, Ukrainian students have carved their way to Lithuanian aviation school which is then followed by the successful employment at the companies of their home country or abroad.

“Even though Ukrainian student-pilots take a little over five percent of our entire student body, we couldn’t be happier to welcome each one of them, because of their professional demeanor, strong knowledge foundation, high work ethics and motivation to follow their dreams through hard work and excellent testing results,” commented Indre Sveistryte, Director of Ab Initio School at BAA Training. To name just a few destinations that Ukrainian pilots steer into after their graduation is becoming pilots or flight instructors in Lithuania, or joining business jet companies in their home country.

To further extend the relationship with Ukrainian market, BAA Training has successfully initiated and already implemented cooperation agreements with various Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions in order to offer students joint studies programs. One of the recent training partners became Kharkiv Aviation Institute (KhAI) located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This cooperation coincides with the long relation history and political spirit between Lithuania and Ukraine.

The joint study program will offer Ukrainian and foreign students an opportunity to engage in Aircraft Maintenance and pilot license studies program which will result in Bachelor’s degree in Aircraft Maintenance and commercial pilot license. KhAI training program’s adjustment to high European aviation standards makes it unique and outstanding on the Ukrainian education market. “The program is set in the way to give students as much hands-on and real life examples, therefore, studies time will be divided in half. Ukrainian and foreign students will spend at least 1, 5 years in Lithuania undergoing pilot license course according to EASA requirements. This type of pilot license is highly valued in both Ukraine and worldwide, so students create twice the amount of opportunities for their future careers,” commented Andrej Vankov, Ab Initio Business Development Manager at BAA Training. Bilateral cooperation between two institutions creates a strong foundation for further development and enriching joint curricular and potential for the sake of young Ukrainians.